Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Tubing

Composite Hybrids

SIT has developed several composite systems for RIB collars to enhance their puncture resistance and enable craft to remain operational if the air chamber is breached. All materials are SOLAS approved and the design can be tailored to suit individual requirements. The inner bladder is protected from external punctures by 40 or 80mm low-density foam, yet the tube maintains its shape in the event of a deep stab or gun shot. The outer cover is standard Hypalon coated fabric, providing the benefits of oil, UV and abrasion resistance.

Foam Fender

SIT has developed a foam fendering system for RIBs and boats that is 70% lighter than standard systems on the market. Utilising all knowledge gained on composite systems, the foam system has all the required characteristics of a fender: resilience, abrasion resistance and durability – yet is light, allowing the operator to carry a greater loading within the craft.
The foam can be machined on a 5 axis CNC router to achieve complex shapes, and to ensure the profile specified by the customer.

RIBs Tubes (OEM)

SIT supplies Sponsons Inflatable Collars OEM tubes – a popular choice for many RIB companies in the UK, and as far as Barbados, Norway, Canada, and Singapore. When sending drawings, please refer to the specifications template here: Hypalon fabrics (Pennel Filipo) in 1100 D/Tex (normal), and 1650 D/Tex (heavy duty).
We can fit tubes in our ISO9001 approved Lancashire factory, or supplied with a fitting kit (training can be provided). A delivery and collection service is also available to transport hulls.

Repair & Refurbish

Priority will always be given to Police and Rescue services’ equipment – because accidents happen and we are happy to offer a repair and refurbishment service.
We can offer a full array of repair services, from simple valve replacement to complete overhaul, but recommend that you call us in advance, on 01772 459143, to discuss the work needed and to book an appointment. Alternatively you can purchase repair materials, fabrics, glues, solvents and tools directly from us and we will provide training where required.


Re-tubing a RIB can drastically improve its appearance extend the boat’s working life greatly. With a Hypalon retube, RIBs can leave the factory as a better product than when they were new. The tubes can be bonded, ‘slip-on’ (bolt rope attachment) or flanged & screwed. Hull-bonded tubes can be removed in-house and copied. Re-Tubed boats are not subject to the restrictions of the original tubes – they can be modified cosmetically (colour, handle and strake positions etc) and physically (re shaping of tubes).

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Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS)

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