The ResQcraft have been developed to meet the requirements of global rescue services where maximum load capacity, minimal transportation requirements and speed of deployment are all critical. The ultra tough craft are ready for action in their standard specification or can be further enhanced with any of the optional extras including stowage valise’s, ‘BA’ bottle ultra rapid deployment system, sign writing, extra handles or indeed bespoke requirements for individual customer.


he ResQpath is an ultra portable rapid deployment inflatable access path. Available in 5 meter and 10 meter lengths the ResQpath is an essential piece of equipment for any rescue unit wishing to access casualties across hazardous or undeterminable terrain including ice, snow or mud. Lightweight and easy to operate.


The resQraft is a rapid deployment raft for flood and water rescue. Features single point inflation facilitating rapid deployment (less than 2 minutes with standard breathing apparatus (BA) bottle) and over pressure protection. Easily transportable either deflated in its valise or inflated by its integrated handles. Can be propelled with up to 15hp outboards using an optional detachable transform if required.



The ResQsled is a multi-tasking rescue tool for rescue scenarios involving water, ice, mud and snow. The ResQsled uses unique material technology and inflates within 30 seconds to provide a safe, buoyant and mobile platform which can be propelled like a kayak, or towed. Weighing only 9kg it is ultra portable when stowed in its valise, and features carrying handles when inflated. Pressure relief valves protect it from over-inflation and clever design features on its running surfaces reduce friction.

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