With an endless range of standard and bespoke sizes and styles, coupled with numerous colour options, SIT can design, manufacture and supply the toughest inflatable fenders that your money can buy.
SIT Inflatable fenders require minimal stowage and are manufactured from Orca 866 Hypalon® which is renowned for its excellent properties to withstand ultra violet, ozone and chemical degradation and superior abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and has outstanding resistance to atmospheric conditions and in particular strong sunlight and ozone.
  • Temperature Range: -35º C to +80º C.
  • Hypalon® compounds resist fire and are self extinguishing.
  • Resistance to chemicals; resistant to most inorganic chemical products, good resistance to general fuels, acids, oils and greases.
SIT inflatable fenders can be used with either a standard foot pump, a compressor or with a twin stroke stirrup pump, (available from stock) for fast manual inflation and deflation.
SIT also have excellent in house service and repair and replacement function.
Target Markets with UK, Europe or Internationally


Wind Farms







Contact sales@sitltd.co.uk for further information.

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