John Wilcock

John Wilcock

Managing Director / Safequip Ltd

"We have been working with Specialist Inflatable Technology Ltd for almost 10 years, supplying a range of inflatable rescue products into the professional rescue services in the UK and elsewhere.

"Our experience over a number of years has been extremely positive with regard to design, build and functionality of their products. Also their ability to produce bespoke products or adapt standard products has proven invaluable. Overall the partnership/relationship has been hugely successful, and we look forward to a continued successful working partnership with SIT in the future."

Rich Helleur

Rich Helleur

Watch Manager / Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service

"Specialised Inflatable Technology (SIT) Ltd are our preferred supplier of Inflatable Boats (ResQcraft) and specialised inflatable equipment for flood, mud and sand rescues. My loyalty lies firmly with SIT Ltd. SIT's technical expertise and customer care is first class and they have given me excellent service over the years. The inflatable equipment manufactured by SIT are made to the highest standards and are designed to meet the exacting needs of the users.

"The materials are the most durable of any other I have previously experienced and in particular the drop thread floor that gives their rafts both durability and performance over the ribbed floors common on lesser rafts. The construction of the boats is hand crafted to the highest standard within the UK and can be tailored to the specific needs i.e. extra armouring for those abrasive sections of river, SITs aftercare is prompt and effective.

"When I need more rafts or inflatable equipment don’t hesitant to recommend to other Fire & Rescue Services, SIT will be always be the company of choice to ensure I receive the continued quality and performance that I have become accustomed to."

Spencer Creek

Spencer Creek

Commercial and National Resilience Manager / Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

"Lincolnshire Fire and rescue service took receipt of 8 SIT boats (5 x 5m & 3 x 4m) from safequip in 2012. These boats were purchased following the funding award from DEFRA to be able to provide a National Response in a Flood event. The boats needed to meet the requirements set by DEFRA and in addition to this needed to be easily transportable. Lincolnshire through their procurement process chose SIT as the craft provided us with the best options to deliver our agreed Service.

"All of our Boat Operators recognise that the boats can be got to work quickly and that the craft can be transported in a range of options which makes access to all areas achievable.

"The boats have been used all over the country during different flooding events and operators have been able to complete numerous rescues. Our craft was used on the following deployments:

  • Flooding in Devon and Somerset 2013
  • East Coast Flooding following a tidal surge in 2013
  • South West Flooding 2014
  • South East Flooding 2014

"In 2013 Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue also received 10 SIT resqrafts which have been designed to carry up to 16 people. This craft is ideal for flooding events where mass evacuation is required; the crafts were used during the East Coast eve nt in 2013.

"SIT do provide a quality product and have worked closely with us to develop craft to suit our needs and there attention to detail has ensured that all requirements are considered. To date all of our craft have been used on numerous occasions a nd on a regular basis, they are stowed in bags or carried on trailers which mean they receive regular bangs and scrapes and to date none of them show any signs of wear and tear.

"The support safequip has provided us post sale has demonstrated they are pr oud of their product and their relationship with us as the customer, which demonstrates their values."